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You're Here Because...
You are thinking about writing a book, but aren’t sure where to start. You know you have a great story, but you just need to focus and write it out in an organized way. You are doing your research and looking for someone who will care about your book and understands the entrepreneurial world, but you’re coming up short.
You are looking for:
• Someone dependable and honest with you.
• Someone who will communicate with you throughout the process.
• A fast process without feeling rushed. You can’t wait forever to get your book out there.
• Someone who won’t force you to work with a specific agent or publishing company.
I get it. There are thousands of book coaches to choose from and you have to choose the right one for you.
It can be OVERWHELMING, but it is POSSIBLE.
I'm Amber

I'm a book writing coach and editor for entrepreneurs wanting to self-publish books. I help to enhance stories and non-fiction writing without the negativity of a harsh red pen. I work with you as your teammate in your creation process through 12 easy sessions to get your story out in the world.
The Card Game That Changed Everything
I have always loved working with words, but never saw it as a career opportunity. When deciding careers, I turned to several different areas. I worked as a virtual assistant for different companies in different industries. My focus wasn't on what made me happy, it was on what could make me money. Each industry had it's own merits, but none made me happy. I needed something more.

Enter Phase 10. This is a picture I took one evening when we bought the card game. I immediately noticed the double space error on the instructions (circled). My fiancé laughed at me, then said, "Why aren't you a proofreader? You are always noticing errors."

I shrugged him off as crazy, but there was something there that told me to research the possibility. I did work for the writing center in college proofreading academic papers, and most of my web design and content writing work required proofreading. Were there really people out there doing this for a living?

I got to work. I found the need for proofreaders and I went for it. I set a goal for myself to create amazing work with self-published authors and bloggers by cleaning up sentences. I would prove each one of my authors right.

After proofreading for a while, I started to get questions from authors asking a  about the writing and publishing process. I loved helping out so much that I decided to do it full time in addition to editing. 
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